AGATHA Features

A wide range of Features for Surveillance and Crime Control

Data acquisition

Gathering information from open sources, through crawling algorithms, data mining and ETL tools;

Audio and voice analysis

Ability to automatically obtain information from audio data sources collected by the data acquisition module;

Multilingual text analysis

Automatic translation for use of information in different languages as well as natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract automatically knowledge.

Database and Repositories

Storage of all the information coming from the different modules (audio, video, image, text, biometrics), properly indexed to facilitate its reference and/or correlation.

Video and image analysis

Video file characteristics extraction, automatic delimitation of moments and scenes, detection of patterns and their segmentation;

Biometric analysis

Extraction of high quality 3D face models from low quality video files, to obtain 2D images of those faces for facial recognition applications, with special focus for forensic use.

Classification and semantic segmentation

Segmentation and indexing of contents, for a greater navigation and information crossing, between the different databases and repositories.

Management, organization and visualization

Rules for processing user information requests, retrieving information from the system database using semantic research methodologies, which allows the visual analysis of large amounts of data.

AGATHA – A great advantage for Criminal Police Investigation