AGATHA - The solution to help fighting Cybercrime

Cybercrime has no boundaries and can be classified into three broad groups:

– Internet-specific crimes: such as attacks against information systems or phishing (for example, fake banking sites in order to access victims’ bank accounts).

– Fraud and Online Counterfeiting: Large-scale fraud schemes can be committed online through such tools as identity theft, phishing, spam, and malicious code.

– Illegal online content: includes material on sexual abuse of minors, incitement to racial hatred, incitement of terrorist acts and glorification of violence, terrorism, racism and xenophobia.

Among the practices of greatest concern, involving organized crime, are thegoods and animals trafficking or even the formation of complex and well-organized for human beings trafficking and the distribution of illegal pornography, including child pornography. Lately, acts of terrorism claimed by transnational organizations, with recognized political, economic and religious performance, present a complex and very difficult to control organization.

The new information and communication technologies have greatly facilitated the performance of these organizations, allowing that behind the high information present on the web and new social media, and the high number of users involved, can be organized actions and exchanged information of almost unnoticed form. Criminal investigation and intelligence officers find it very difficult to keep up with the agility with which members of these organizations adopt new tools, and how they put them at the service of their purposes. It is therefore essential to provide competent entities for the control and prevention of organized crime with adequate tools to deal with these recent realities.

AGATHA – A great advantage for Criminal Police Investigation