Compta Business Solutions participated in the 25th anniversary of CCG

Compta Business Solutions participated in the 25th anniversary of CCG

The Innovation Days of the Graphic Computer Center of the University of Minho took place last 22 and 23 November, where a large panel of high quality professors and researchers were present and where innovation projects were presented at national and international level. Compta Business Solutions, through the participation of its Administrator Emanuel Serrano, presented its AGATHA Innovation project.

Society presents an increasingly digital paradigm, in which personal relationships are born and maintained in cyberspace, there is a growing phenomenon of sharing in social networks, blogs or forums, it becomes inevitable to consider cyberspace as one of the main points of our society.

The themes discussed in the digital channels are increasingly diverse, many with recreational and information sharing purposes, with good intentions, but we are witnessing the increase of contrary movements in the field of criminal activity.

It is from the need to quickly identify and analyze suspect clues and patterns that the AGATHA project is born. Being an OSINT tool, it collects and processes content from open sources in order to assist research teams in gathering evidence and evidence. In this field the challenges are many and varied, from the complexity of collecting content, processing the various formats collected, algorithms for detecting and identifying people and objects, transcribing audio and processing the text collected or processed. It is a reality that in this Digital medium the volume of data can quickly grow to considerable volumes. In order to be able to analyze and process the collected information, it is necessary to use techniques and tools for the treatment and presentation of the information.

The AGATHA project comes to assist the researcher, in the analysis of this world of information, not the “flooding” of contents. We hope that the success of AGATHA can be measured by the reduction of research times and by the quality of the information collected and treated as evidence or as a clue to further research. The success of the AGATHA project will have to be attributed to the multidisciplinary teams of several entities, from the business and academic universe, that make up the team that has accepted the challenge of creating a tool that can have an impact on the safety of our society. Compta Buiness Solutions, as lead developer, co-responsible for orchestration and solution interface, VoiceInteraction with audio processing responsibilities and co-responsible with orchestration, CCG with image and video processing, and University of √Čvora with word processing, make up the team that will take the AGATHA project to the desired success (social, academic and commercial).